Do you have a flair for modeling, appreciate the punk and alternative lifestyle and are confident enough to show off your personality in front of the camera? If this sounds like you then why not submit an application to model for Hot Girls? We don’t care if you have piercings or tattoos, in fact, we love them!

Sending Us Your Portfolio

We want to see examples of your modeling in front of the camera and any past work you’ve done. We’re interested in seeing any professional photographs, but we’re not so keen on reviewing selfies, pictures from your mobile phone, or snaps of crazy nights out. Submitting poor quality pictures could hurt any future applications you make with us, so please make sure you take this part of the application seriously.

‘What If I Don’t Have Any Modeling Shots?’

We’re happy to accept anyone who doesn’t have a lot of modeling experience, but we still need some modeling pictures. We suggest that you gather some friends together one weekend and have a mini photoshoot! We’ll consider any images where you haven’t taken the pictures yourself or on a night out.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

In order to become a Hot Girls model, you need to be at least 18 YEARS OLD.

Our photoshoots all take place in Moria, NY. Whilst we accept applications from all over, please be aware that some shoots will require short notice, so those living in geographically closer locations will be at an advantage. Traveling costs for models can be negotiated and we will subsidize many costs depending on the geographical location.

How Do I Apply?

We’ll not only need your professional pictures, but we’ll also need your details (as well as plenty of ways to get in touch with you).

An example of what to send us is below:

Name: Mrs. Nobody
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Address: 1234 Main Ave NY, NY 12345
Telephone Number: 01234 123456
Mobile Number: 07712 345678
E-Mail Address:
Dress Size: 14
Waist Size: 32
Top Size: Large
Shoe Size: 10

To Be A Successful Candidate

The best way to be successful is to send us plenty of photos. Ideally, we’d want a full body shot, a face shot, and different shots of your modeling in a professional environment. We stress this again, NO selfies or shots of you on a night out, we want to see what you can come up with on your own.

Please ensure that your pictures are as clear as possible, and in .jpg format.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Hot Girls model then please send us the above to, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Good Luck!

Important Notice:

To apply to become a model for us you must follow the instructions above on this page, and if we feel you are right for us we will respond or store your details on file. 
Apart from this, Hot Girls will NEVER contact you directly about becoming a model for us, nor will we ever ask for images of yourself in this way.
Should someone claiming to represent us or our company ever contact you about becoming a Hot Girl Model, we STRONGLY advise you to have no further contact with them and report them immediately.